Conservatives Call for Election Integrity in Arizona

April 27, 2021

Washington — A coalition of conservative groups, led by Heritage Action and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, today issued a statement calling for the Arizona Senate to quickly pass SB1485:

SB1485 is a common-sense, effective bill that will improve Arizona’s early vote-by-mail system, save taxpayer dollars, and safeguard against potential fraud. While some have opposed the bill by arguing the provisions to clean up the early voting list will not take effect until 2026, that is simply not the case. SB1485 will take effect before the next presidential election in Arizona, and will remove voters from the early voting list who failed to vote in the 2022 and 2020 election cycles. Anyone who says otherwise has not read the bill or is not being truthful.

Additionally, while more work is needed in Arizona and across the country to strengthen our election systems and promote voter confidence, that work should build — not detract — from the momentum of passing SB1485 immediately. Delaying this important legislation over political posturing would ignore the realities of the legislative process and the thousands of Arizonans who have supported it.

Any conservative who supports election integrity in the state of Arizona should support immediate passage of SB1485 as written, as well as SB1713, a crucial bill to require voter ID for all mail-in ballots. The grassroots of Arizona are behind these bills. After the bills’ passage, conservative leaders should continue advancing legislation to strengthen Arizona’s elections and deal with any further election issues that might arise.

Jessica Anderson
Executive Director
Heritage Action for America

Scot Mussi
Arizona Free Enterprise Club

Ken Cuccinelli II
Election Transparency Initiative

Richard Manning
Americans for Limited Government

Jason Snead
Executive Director
Honest Elections Project

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots