Gov. Ducey Signs Strong Election Integrity Bill Into Law

May 11, 2021

Washington—This afternoon, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed an important election integrity bill into law, SB1485, shortly after it passed the Senate. SB1485 will reform the state’s early voting list and remove voters who have failed to vote in two consecutive election cycles. Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson applauding the new law:

Today was a triumph for common sense and a victory for election integrity. SB1485 is an important step in the effort to secure Arizona’s elections and improve voter trust. The law will ensure that early voting ballots are not being sent to voters who have chosen not to participate in elections, saving taxpayer money and improving election security. This is a strong law that follows several other excellent laws recently enacted by Gov. Doug Ducey to strengthen Arizona’s voting systems.

Heritage Action thanks Gov. Ducey for signing this legislation and Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita and the legislators who worked tirelessly to ensure that it passed. We also thank the thousands of grassroots conservatives who made their voices heard and supported this bill from day one. This is another victory in the fight to save our elections, and Arizona should be proud. While the Left continues to fight against common-sense reforms, America’s grassroots will not be deterred.