Heritage Action Launches Arizona Ad Campaign Against S.1, the Corrupt Politicians Act

March 25, 2021

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America, a national conservative grassroots organization, today announced a TV ad campaign with an initial budget of $725,000 calling on Senator Mark Kelly and Senator Kyrsten Sinema to oppose S. 1, the misnamed “For the People Act.”

“S. 1 should be called the Corrupt Politicians Act as it would force American taxpayers to fund career politicians’ campaigns, undermine election security, and cancel Arizona’s own voting laws,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action. “The Corrupt Politicians Act is a massive collection of bad electoral policies that Arizonans simply don’t support. After a year of chaos and challenges to the nation’s electoral system, Congress should be working to increase voter trust, not destroy it. Sens. Kelly and Sinema should oppose this bill and any attempt to destroy the filibuster to pass it.”

The ad campaign will run on broadcast and cable news from March 25 to April 3 in Phoenix and Tucson, with a total ad budget of $725,000. The ad spot highlights the bill’s provisions mandating taxpayer-funded political advertising, automatic voter registration without citizenship verification, and rules undermining state voter ID laws. Polling from the National Republican Senatorial Committee shows a wide majority of Americans oppose these and other measures in the bill.

Excerpt from the TV ad:

“Remember last fall when every TV ad was from a politician? Now, Democrats want taxpayer-funded political ads. Senate Bill 1 is a disaster. Democrats also want to register illegal aliens and let people vote without ID. . . Tell Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema: vote against S. 1.”

The full ad spot can be found here.

Heritage Action has issued a key vote against the bill in the House and will issue a Senate key vote as well.

Background: S. 1/H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” was originally introduced in 2019 and passed the House before failing in the Senate. The act was reintroduced in 2021 and passed in the House. Polling from McLaughlin & Associates shows an overwhelming number of Arizonans oppose key measures of the bill, including restrictions on voter ID laws and a federal override of state election laws.

The bill, a sweeping federal overhaul of state and local election regulations, would direct public funds to fund political campaigns and allow them to use funds for personal expenses, undermine basic voter protections, and threaten the security of our elections. Read Heritage Action’s fact sheet on the bill here.