Heritage Action Praises Iowa Election Integrity Bill

March 8, 2021

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America released a statement from executive director Jessica Anderson applauding Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for signing a new election integrity bill into law today.

By enacting this critical election integrity bill, Gov. Reynolds and the Iowa legislature have made Iowa one of the states leading the charge to secure our nation’s election. After a year of unprecedented challenges to the integrity of our states’ electoral systems, elected officials in Iowa, Florida, Georgia, and other states are taking urgent and necessary steps to restore confidence in elections and secure the voting process. Iowa’s new bill would strengthen election safeguards, protect the rights of poll watchers, ensure accurate voter rolls, and more. These are common-sense reforms supported by grassroots Americans in Iowa and elsewhere. We hope Iowa will continue to enact reforms based on the Heritage Foundation’s list of best practices for election integrity, like strengthening voter ID laws.

Despite the media’s false narrative, election fraud is a serious concern that affects every Iowan and every American. That’s why every state should follow Iowa’s lead and work to secure their electoral systems. Heritage Action is working with grassroots conservatives nationwide to help states restore confidence in our elections.