Texas Advances Strong Election Integrity Legislation

April 23, 2021

Washington — Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson in support of HB6, SB7, and HB 2478, bills to strengthen Texas’s election laws and provide voter ID for mail-in ballots.

As states around the country work to strengthen their election laws, Texas lawmakers are advancing critical legislation to safeguard their elections and inspire confidence in Texas voters. HB6 and SB7 are strong pieces of legislation that would protect poll watcher access, strengthen prohibitions against vote harvesting, and verify that only eligible voters are on the voting rolls. HB 2478 would require voter ID for absentee ballots, and is a crucial addition to these efforts that every lawmaker should support.

Recent polling shows that three-fifths of all Texas voters, including most independent voters, believe additional measures to secure absentee ballots are necessary. Despite the campaign of misinformation waged by the Left, and threats from powerful corporations, Texans know the truth: voter ID is a necessary, common-sense step to ensure absentee ballots are protected against potential fraud. All lawmakers should support each of these election integrity bills and continue working to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat in the great state of Texas.

Background: Heritage Action has invested an initial $10 million into a campaign to strengthen election laws across eight states, including Texas. Heritage Action Sentinels and activists have worked to advance election laws in the state and have testified at legislative hearings in support of the bills. Read Heritage Action's Myth vs. Fact Sheet debunking the false narrative surrounding the bills.