The Left’s Assault on Georgia Businesses

April 1, 2021

The Left’s Assault on Georgia Businesses

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America, a national conservative grassroots organization, released the following statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to a left-wing pressure campaign against Georgia businesses over the state’s newly enacted voting reforms:

“Georgia’s new election integrity law, SB 202, contains common-sense election reforms, supported by an overwhelming majority of voters, that both promote voter confidence and expand voter access. The Left’s assault on the law and blatant manipulation of the business community is not based in reality, and no executive should cave to pressure to disavow this law.

Here are the facts:

  • SB 202 expands voter access, increasing weekend voting, drop box placement, and early voting hours. Compared to 2020, 134 of 159 counties will offer more early voting hours in future elections under the new law.

  • Georgians support the absentee ballot ID requirement contained in the law: 74% of Georgia voters support it, including 63% of black voters, and 89% of those making under $25K/year.

  • SB 202 allows poll workers to hand out water in line, and allows any group to distribute food or water outside of a standard no-electioneering space. The law will also cut down wait times for voters by requiring additional staff and voting machines at busy voting locations.

  • Georgia’s law will restore trust and faith in the ballot box by securing absentee ballots and allowing election observers access to voting locations and processes.

  • The Left, including President Biden, has spread mistruths about the law and weaponized them against Georgia businesses — even the Washington Post gave Biden’s claims about SB 202 four Pinocchios.

Read more about the law's provisions here: “Myth vs. Fact: The Georgia Election Law.”